Our Motto at The Chicago Institute for Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation:

Repair / Reattach / Revascularize / Replant / Reconstruct / Restore / Rehabilitate


Dr. Norman Weinzweig is extremely well trained and experienced in the entire gamut of hand surgery—from simple hand conditions treated in non-operative fashion to very complex multi-staged surgeries often requiring his microsurgical expertise. He is an accomplished hand surgeon who is highly regarded by his peers for his extraordinary clinical experience and expertise in the acute and chronic care of severely traumatized hands such as following devastating industrial accidents. For the past 25 years, Dr. Norman Weinzweig has been one of the busiest hand and microvascular surgeons in the country replanting and revascularizing amputated digits and hands, treating mutilating injuries of the upper extremity, nerve injuries, burns as well as stiff functionless digits and hands due to severe scar contractures. Dr. Norman Weinzweig advocates  a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of these complex hand problems producing superb clinical outcomes.

Spearheaded by Dr. Norman Weinzweig, The Chicago Institute for Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation is a major state-of-the-art referral center for patients not only from Chicago and the surrounding states of Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa but even nationally and internationally. Hand trauma patients are evaluated and treated emergently (immediately) or urgently (within 24 hours) for hand conditions ranging from fingertip injuries to multiple digit replantations or reconstruction of the mutilated hand. Chronic hand conditions, often due to scarring from previous trauma with severe contractures and debilitating pain, are routinely treated at the Institute. Dr. Norman Weinzweig provides innovative solutions to these difficult hand problems with outstanding clinical outcomes. Highly individualized patient care is provided by a multidisciplinary team approach coordinating the surgeon, physical and occupational hand therapists, nurse case manager, pain management specialist and any other ancillary services in the rehabilitation process. In-house occupational hand therapists, with tremendous experience in the care of these patients, work closely with Dr. Weinzweig to optimize functional recovery. Workers’ Compensation patients comprise a significant portion of Dr. Weinzweig’s practice. Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) and second opinions are frequently performed.

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“The treatment and care were perfect. I’m grateful for the attention Dr. Weinzweig provided me with. I have no issues since I was discharged from his care. I’m perfectly fine and really satisfied with the staff and doctor care given to me.” ~FA

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The Mutilated Hand

“This book is a treasure for those who seek a comprehensive text dealing with the traumatized or mutilated hand.” ~Doody’s Review

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