“I was making parts for cabinet doors.  A very large router bit was not tight enough. When I turned on the router, it flew out and cut across the back of my left hand.  When Dr. Norman Weinzweig came in and introduced himself and said, “Don’t worry, I do this all the time, you will be fine,” he gave me extreme confidence.  My rehab was exceptional.  Dr. Weinzweig and his staff set me up and monitored my progress.

I feel Dr. Weinzweig is an outstanding surgeon and did a tremendous job on my hand.  He explained that I had severed a lot of the tendons of my fingers and cut a groove through 25 to 35% of the bone.  I am a retired carpenter but am able to do almost anything I want to with my hand as I feel I have about 98% of my previous strength and ability back.  My right hand is very arthritic so I find myself using my injured hand much more now. 

Dr. Weinzweig is an extraordinary surgeon who gave me the gift of my hand back.  Even though I was extremely worried about the outcome, Dr. Weinzweig’s confidence and assurances allayed my fears. From the first time I met him before surgery to the last appointment, he presented himself as the consummate professional.  He is truly a gifted surgeon with a wonderful personality.  I thank him for giving me my hand back.”



“I was bitten on the left hand by my neighbor’s pit bull on 6/14/09. 4 fingers were affected.  The 2 that were the most severe were my left pinkie and ring finger.  I also had 2 separate surgeries after the first surgery.  Dr. Norman Weinzweig told my family members that he might not be able to save those 2 fingers, but he did!

I still drop things occasionally and I’m sensitive to cold; typing is sometimes difficult, but considering the severity of my injury, after taking 2 months short-term disability, I was able to return to my former job.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Weinzweig and his staff!” 


“At work a machine grabbed my arm and broke it from the back of the elbow to the wrist. I was lucky that Dr. Norman Weinzweig was my surgeon.  Had Dr. Weinzweig not been my surgeon, I think my story would be very different.  Dr. Weinzweig, his therapists and office staff know their work and what the patient needs.  The condition of my arm (98% ok) is the result of Dr. Weinzweig and his therapists.  I thank God for having them put in my way.  My case has not been closed but I think I feel capable to do any work without any problem.  I think it is difficult to find people like Dr. Weinzweig and his therapists who know how to do their job as they should, putting the health of the patient first.  I thank Dr. Weinzweig for always having in mind his responsibility as a doctor.  I believe that this is how changes are made.  Life looks and feels better.”



“I was working on a machine that made boxes. We caught a jam so the machine was turned off.  I started to work on it when it just pulled my hand in and tore off 3 fingers.  Dr. Norman Weinzweig is a great doc and does wonderful work.  His staff has always been very friendly and helped me with anything I needed.”



“I’m really grateful to Dr. Norman Weinzweig for having my thumb back.  I’m back to work. I can do so much like before I had the accident.  It feels like it was a miracle.  The doctor was always up to date with my injury and that’s exactly why I’m really grateful.  I’m happy with the treatment and the service provided by the doctor, his office staff and therapists.  The surgeries and therapy sessions were what helped me the most.  Yes, I know the therapy exercises were hard to do, but it was what helped me get my finger back and for that I am very grateful.”



“The treatment and care were perfect.  I’m grateful for the attention Dr. Weinzweig provided me with.  I have no issues since I was discharged from his care.  I’m perfectly fine and really satisfied with the staff and doctor care given to me.”



“Dr. Weinzweig re-attached my right hand that was completely cut while using a mustard mixing machine at work.  Everything went very well.  I’m very happy with the care and treatment the doctor provided.  Therapy was great.  It got me to use my hand and I love everything about it.  I’m very pleased with the staff in dealing with insurance.  The surgeries were very helpful and I’m very happy.  People who know about what happened and see my hand can’t believe how good it looks.”



“I really like the treatment given to me.  I’m very satisfied with the visits and treatment provided by the doctor.  Therapy was extremely helpful.  The therapy sessions helped me the most.  The office staff was great.  I’m back to work and I’m happy.”



“I’m very satisfied with the way the doctor treated me.  Therapy helped me a lot.  My hand is back to normal.  I’m able to move my thumb without a problem.  I’m able to do many things without a problem.  My thumb feels and is normal.  I’m satisfied with the care provided to me by the doctor, staff and therapists.”



“It took me a while after discharge for the sensitivity to go away.  But the treatment and care given to me were great.  My hand and fingers are back to normal.  I have no issues.  I’m able to use my hand as before.  I’ve never been in an accident like this.  The care given to me was very professional.”



“Not a day goes by when we don’t thank God for having Dr. Weinzweig as our surgeon.  My husband is able to use his hand for everything after having 4 fingers almost completely cut off.”



“I was drilling out a piece of steel with a drill bit.  The bit got caught and grabbed my fingers.  The tip of my left index finger was cut off and a piece of steel got twisted and caught in my hand.  3 of my other fingers were cut pretty bad.   I used my free hand to shut down the machine and get my hand out, but the piece of steel was still stuck in my hand.  My son was home so he drove me to the local hospital ER.   The people there didn’t seem to know what to do – they were even talking about amputating my 4 fingers. They ended up calling Dr. Norman Weinzweig, who agreed to take my case.

I could tell after my first conversations with Dr. Weinzweig that he knew what to do.  He was very easy to talk to and explained everything.  His bedside manner was excellent.  I told him where to cut the steel to get it out of my hand and that’s exactly what he did and the steel came out. Then he re-attached my fingertip and fixed the other fingers.

Everything healed up nicely.  One of the digital arteries couldn’t be repaired but all of my injured fingers work fine.  I’m a little sensitive to cold, but that’s about it.  I would absolutely recommend Dr. Norman Weinzweig to anyone who needed an excellent Hand Surgeon.”



“A safe door came off the hinges and crushed my hand.  Dr. Weinzweig was very caring.  He listened and explained the depth of my injury and the different stages of treatment and surgery that would follow.

From my understanding, my hand could have been in a permanent straight position but for the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Weinzweig and his staff.   I have mobility and I am very grateful for the results.

I was very, very satisfied with the care provided by Dr. Weinzweig and his staff and so was my granddaughter.  We both feel he is a great doctor and human being!  It’s been a godsend to be treated by such a wonderful and caring doctor as Dr. Norman Weinzweig.  And his staff gets 5 stars from me!”



“I was cutting a board on a table saw and my left hand got drawn into the blade.  I went to the ER at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.  My hat goes off to Dr. Norman Weinzweig because he took my case at about 11pm on 5/9/11, right when he was in the middle of entertaining an out-of-town guest at his home.  I don’t know if he knew I was uninsured at that point.  However, I will forever be grateful to him for operating on my hand on the very night my injury occurred even though it meant interrupting his social obligations with his house guest.  That’s real dedication to his work and his patients! Dr. Weinzweig saw me after my surgery and it was very emotional for me.  I liked that he came to see me. It showed he cared.

I started working again on June 1st and my injury was on May 9th.  I can work at about 95% of my capacity now.”